Quickly Remove Your Panties So They Will Not Be In The Way…

…as he buries his face between your legs to pleasure you in a way that you’ve never been pleasured before, or maybe in a manner that you have not experienced in a very long time!

That’s right… Your Panties Should Not Be In The Way as he pushes your butt down onto the bed, right on the edge, as he kneels on the floor for a perfect position! This frequently happens to ladies of various ages who try my magical Love & Sex Attracting Oils!

If this scenario sounds good to you, but isn’t happening in your bedroom or his, then maybe, just maybe, you need a powerful Love & Sex Amulet to help improve your sex life, as well as a magical oil!

I am a practitioner of the magical arts as well as a purveyor of good luck charms and amulets that really work, and Love & Sex is one of the top reasons why people buy and try using magical good luck charms and oils!

We also have many very powerful love potion oils and perfumes to help you in the areas of love, sex, romance, and passion! Would you like his balls to ache for you? Maybe you want him to serve you on his knees? Perhaps you want to be licked like a lollipop? Maybe it’s time for you to try one or more of my magical oils and amulets! Just to the left, you can find more information, and I am confident that you will probably be Thanking Me in the near future!

If you visit me on eBay, please be sure to mention WordPress for an extra Free Surprise Gift with your purchase!

Hope you can find those panties later! These days they’re so expensive, you wouldn’t want to lose them!

Good Luck & Many Blessings!


Impressive Stock Price Of My Suggestion From Nearly 2 Years Ago Is Considerably Higher!

Have you noticed? I recommended a company called Taseko Mines LTD nearly two years ago when it was around 30 cents a share! No, I am not an investment professional, just intuitive.

Now Taseko Mines LTD (ticker symbol TGB) is over two dollars a share, and if you will scroll back, you can see that a year and a half ago I was talking about this stock while it went from 30 cents to about 50 cents a share. NOW it’s up to $2.23 per share as of the close of the market yesterday! 

In fact YOU Can Click Here to read one of the blog postings! By the way, anyone who invests in the stock market should grab themselves a good luck amulet, because it just might help them, and you never know until you try. After all, people who buy lottery tickets, and who visit casinos, often use a good luck charm to possibly help increase their chances of winning, so why not use a good luck charm to possibly help your portfolio grow?

If YOU Want To Win Money, Then Try A Magical Oil Or A Good Luck Talisman!

If you really want to Win Money, then try a Magical Oil or a Good Luck Talisman! Of course, a talisman is the same thing as an amulet, charm, or curio, and whatever appeals to you is the ideal one to use. There are all sorts of exciting choices found online when it comes to magical, mystical, good luck items. Some like a magical good luck charm they can carry in their pocket, others want something that they can wear like am piece of jewelry. Other folks might prefer something they can keep in their wallet, purse, or bag. You can get a magical crystal and keep it in your home. There’s really no wrong way or right way to use something magical, there’s just YOUR way! The way you feel compelled to use it is how you should use it!

Crystals are awesome because they come to us as a gift from Mother Earth, and can be considered a gift from God, the Angels, the Universe, or whatever you prefer to call it. Crystals have various properties, different looks and colors, different vibrations, and can be blessed and intentioned for various things, even though they already naturally have mystical powers of their own! Crystals are very popular, and they make an awesome good luck amulet for those who want to attract love, prosperity, or anything else!

Here on my blog you will find a lot of other information about good luck charms and amulets, and if you see something that appeals to you or that calls to you then you should investigate further!

Another important and contributing factor to increasing your good luck and winning some money, is to stay very positive, optimistic, and do not let negativity creep into your mind and interfere! Use The Law Of Attraction as outlined in Rhonda Byrne’s best seller The Secret! Be patient, expect good things to happen, keep your fingers crossed, say your prayers, and spread good karma! All of these are additional steps you can take to hopefully help your chances of winning!

If a $20 or $30 good luck charm, crystal, or other magical item will help you win, then that is pretty awesome. If you do not win right away, just be patient, because sometimes good things take time! They usually always take time, in fact. It makes no difference whether you’re young or old, female or male, working or not, retired or not, religious or not… a good luck charm just might help you get lucky! You never know until you try!

Clear Quartz Crystals are a very popular choice, and they are good for an all around general good luck charm! You might prefer a crystal with a hue or color to it, such as Rose Quartz, which has a slight pink color to it. Others might want a Citrine, which is more on the bright yellow side. There are so many different types of crystals given to us by Mother Earth et al, and you can learn more about them online! Just go do a bit of reading and learn what’s best for you!

Good Luck, Best Wishes, and Many Blessings!

Good Luck Charms To Help People Win Money Gambling!

It’s true! Good Luck Charms Really DO Sometimes Help People Win Money Gambling!

If you like to gamble, whether you visit a casino, go to the horse track, play Bingo in a church, or play poker in a small stakes game at a friend’s house, you really should do yourself a favor and wear or carry a magical good luck charm, because it sure can’t hurt, and it might even help you get luckier and increase your chances of winning!

If a good luck charm really does help you win then that’s awesome and if it does not help you win then you’re no worse off than you were before you tried! It’s certainly worth a try, because you never know when or where fate will strike! Some people call it the fickle finger of fate, others call it Lady Luck, some call her Goddess Fortuna, and there are actually hundreds of references that people make to the good luck that they seek!

We’re adults here and we all know that some prayers are answered, and some prayers are not, and we also know that some wishes come true, and some wishes do not come true. Likewise, we know that sometimes a good luck charm does what we want it to do, and sometimes it does not do what we want, and that’s probably the main reason why good luck items are always offered for “entertainment purposes.”

There are so many magical items; magical crystals, mystical oils, magical candles, mystical talismans, ancient amulets, vintage good luck charms, blessed medals, religious pieces of jewelry, and the list goes on.

If you want something to bring you good luck gambling, then you simply need to find something that appeals to you, and maybe even “calls to you.” That’s how you know what to purchase, obtain or order.

If you like the look of a  certain magical item, or the description appeals to you, then you should give it a shot… because it just might help you, and after all, what have you got to lose?

Some people will blow many hundreds of dollars on lottery tickets in a week, or even in one day, or they will blow a few hundred in one night at the slots or tables in a casino, so what’s the problem with spending a measly fifty or hundred bucks to get some sort of good luck amulet or two that just might help you win more money?

When some people gamble they say their prayers, other folks are superstitious, and some people have various rituals and habits that they believe will bring them good luck! Maybe they rub the tickets on their head, some women put the tickets into their bra, some people will sprinkle a magic dust on the tickets, and there are many other ways that people will try to improve their chances of winning. Why not also try a good luck charm or two?

These days there are tons of good luck charms, amulets, and talismans, which are ideal for gambling, money matters, and to attract prosperity into a person’s life! If you do not know where to find one, simply take a look around on my WordPress Blog here, because I have found some really good ones online! Magical Oils are also something to consider, and they can sometimes be used as a cologne or perfume, or perhaps you can put one drop on a ticket or stack of tickets, or use the oil to dress a prosperity candle before lighting it! You can often just treat the sealed bottle of a magical oil as a powerful good luck amulet without even opening the bottle! It’s usually up to YOU how you want to use something magical and mystical!

Here’s hoping you will win a big score very soon! Just be very patient, always stay positive, remember to use The Law Of Attraction, and keep hoping for the best!

Oh, and keep your fingers crossed! LOL

Many Blessings!

Where Can I Find Someone To Cast A Spell For Me By The Light Of The Full Moon?

If you asked a question about who can cast a Magical Spell for you by the light of the full moon, then here’s good news… all around the wonderful internet, you can find Pagans, Wiccans, Witches, Shamans, Psychics, gifted people, empaths, intuitive folks, Reiki masters or mistresses, seers, fortune tellers, participants of The Craft, and practitioners of the magical arts. There are also quite a few people whom you can hire to say a prayer, light a candle for you, perform a ritual or cast a spell.

Maybe you want to meet the love of your life, find a friend with benefits, or improve the love, romance, and sex, of an existing marriage or partnership. Perhaps you want to find a better job, start a business, succeed at a diet, or win some money in the casinos.

There are a huge variety of reasons why someone might turn to a gifted, spiritual, mystical, magical person, and ask for help. Even though these sorts of services are always described as being for entertainment purposes, there are millions of us who “know” that they just might work. Of course, there’s nothing in this life that works 100% of the time for 100% of the people… not even prayers or chemotherapy are 100%… not even (fill in the blank) medicine or medical procedure.

BUT various people are willing to try different things, and if the thing you’re trying ends up working for you and helping you, then that’s awesome, and if not, you just try something else, you never lose sleep over it! Sometimes you see a movie and it’s awesome, other times you see a movie and it sucks, but you don’t lose sleep over it, or cry about the price of the movie ticket.

You might go to a restaurant and have an wonderful meal, and be happy about it, or the meal might be a disappointment, and then you just don’t go back to that restaurant again.

It’s the same with magical and mystical items, good luck charms, magical crystals, spells, rituals, and so forth.

This coming Thursday October 5th is the next full moon, and that is a perfect time to have someone cast a magical spell to help make your life better! You never know until you try, and it just might help you get what you want! It’s certainly worth a try, and if it helps you then that’s awesome, and if it doesn’t do what you want, then you’re no worse off than you are right now, but maybe you will at least be one step closer to getting what you want! You never know!

Good Luck and Many Blessings!

Who Can Cast A Magical Spell For Me By The Light Of The Full Moon?

If you asked the question…”Who Can Cast A Magical Spell For Me By The Light Of The Full Moon?” then here’s great news… We Will Be Dancing Around Outside, Naked, and With Bonfires, Under the Light of The Full Moon! Why? To Bring YOU Enormous Good Luck!

We are some serious practitioners of The Magical Arts, and we often perform rituals and cast spells for other people, and during the night of the Full Moon it is always especially exciting and it is a very effective time for such magical activities!

What do YOU desire? More money? More business success? A better job? A big promotion? A raise? To win the lottery? Good Luck in the Casino? A friend with benefits? A more exciting sex life? To meet your soul mate? Well, a magical spell just might help, and is certainly worth a try! The next full moon is on Thursday October 5th at 2:41 P.M. our time, and we go into the woods that evening for the festivities!

eBay Full Moon Spell

Yes, some people actually hire us to cast spells for them, perhaps to win more money gambling, or to have help finding Love, Good Sex, Passion, and Romance! And we also just happen to be some very sexy and beautiful ladies as well. (Not that it matters.)

There are many reasons why someone might want a ritual performed or a spell cast for them, but Money and financial matters as well as matters Love & Sex are the two most popular reasons!

So, hurry and place your order on eBay, before our schedule completely fills up! If you happen to read this posting after the full moon, or at some much later date, no worries, because we are always able to provide people with Love Spells, Money Spells, as well as Good Luck Charms, Oils, Crystals, and Amulets that really work!

These types of services are always described, by law, as being for entertainment purposes, since nothing works 100% of the time, and for 100% of the people, but they are still worth a try, because you never know what good might happen!

Good Luck & Many Blessings!

Beat The Slot Machines? How To Beat The Slot Machines?

Some people will buy a book, and then they never read it, and the book just collects dust on the shelf, until it gets thrown away, given away, donated to charity, or sold at a garage sale.

Then there are some people who buy a book, quickly skim through it, or maybe even read it cover to cover, but then they don’t heed the advice or put that information to work for them.

Then there are those people, who perhaps buy a self-help book, they read it, and they actually put the advice to work for them.

Sometimes the plan outlined in the book might work, sometimes it might not… I guess it depends on the person, how serious they are about the endeavor, and how committed they are to succeeding.

Take for example, the great book Legally Rob Casinos: Win At Slots In Any Casino!

This book is fun and easy-to-read, and it shows some very good tips about increasing your chances of winning in a casino, when you play the slot machines.

The text of this book is offered for informational and entertainment purposes, but it certainly could help some people who are willing to read it, digest it, and put the information to work for them!

As I understand it, the book was written by a lady who was a cocktail waitress in Las Vegas, and she had a customer who always won money, visit after visit.

Apparently this waitress begged the man to share his “winning secrets” with her, so he did, and she also started winning like crazy, until the various casinos got to know who she was, and started to hate her, and make her feel unwelcome, so instead of trying to continue to play the slots, she wrote the book instead!

If  you’ve never checked out a book like this before, maybe it’s time to try, however you cannot check it out of a library, or find it in a bookstore, because they won’t have it. You can, however, find it online… right here!

Good Luck & Many Blessings!