How To Beat The Slots In The Casinos!

Sometimes people buy a book, but then they never read it, and it just collects duct on the shelf, until it gets thrown away, given away, donated to charity, or sold at a garage sale.

Then there are times when people buy a book, skim through it, or maybe even read it cover to cover, but then they don’t heed the advice or put the information to work for them.

Then there are those times, when someone buys, perhaps a self-help book, they read it, and they put the advice to work for them. Sometimes the plan outlined in the book might work, sometimes it might not… I guess it depends on the person, how serious they are about the endeavor, and how committed they are to succeeding.

Take for example, the great book Legally Rob Casinos: Win At Slots In Any Casino! This book is fun and easy-to-read, and it shows some very good tips about increasing your chances of winning in a casino, when you play the slot machines. The text is offered for informational and entertainment purposes, but it certainly could help some people who are willing to read it, digest it, and put the information to work for them!

As I understand it, the book was written by a lady who was a cocktail waitress in Las Vegas, and she had a customer who always won money, visit after visit. Apparently she begged him to share his “secrets” with her, and he did, and she also started winning like crazy, until the various casinos got to know who she was, and started to hate her, and make her feel unwelcome, so instead of trying to continue to play the slots, she wrote the book instead!

If  you’ve never checked out a book like this before, maybe it’s time to try, however you cannot check it out of a library, as they won’t have it. Your local bookstore probably does not have it, either. You can, however, find it online!

I wonder where?

Good Luck & Many Blessings!


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