Now That Easter Is Over YOU Need Some Good Luck!

Whether you need good luck with money, with your job, with your business, with your love life, with your sex life, with your diet and exercise program, with your twelve-step program, with your job search, or with anything else, you should try using a Good Luck Charm or a Magical Oil.


Because… it just might help you, and you never know until you try! There are millions of people who believe in angels, and there are millions of people who believe aliens have sometimes visited the Earth, and there are millions of people who are superstitious, and there are millions of people who believe they can increase their good luck, and they certainly can!

Good Luck Charms have been a part of our culture for many centuries, and even as kids, we all had a rabbit’s foot keychain, or a four-leafed clover, at one time or another! Since the beginning of the human race, people have done various things to increase their luck, and people have had good luck charms.

Some good luck items are made out of crystals, metals, glass, stones, beads, bones or paper… others are made out of wood, poly-resin, plastics, oils, powders, fabric, or coins.

There are good luck amulets that can be worn, like a piece of jewelry, and there are others, which can be carried in the pocket, purse, wallet, or bag!

Some people wear green clothing to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day, and some people might wear green underwear when they go somewhere to gamble! Some girls might wear a green thong when visiting a casino, and other girls might wear no panties at all!

There are so many beliefs, rituals, superstitions, and good luck charms, that it would be unfathomable to list them all. I have been wanting to use that word in a sentence, lately.


It even sounds good!

So, now that Easter is behind us, and we’re all feeling happy, relaxed, and rested up, it’s time to get thinking about tomorrow, and the rest of the week, and the rest of the Spring, and the rest of the year! There are bills to pay, gifts to purchase, vacation trips to take, groceries to buy, and we all need more money.

If you plan on ever buying a lottery ticket, or playing Bingo, or visiting a casino, or making any sort of wager… then you should definitely consider grabbing yourself some sort of magical crystal or a mystical oil or some sort of Good Luck Charm, Amulet, or Talisman! After all, if it helps you win, then that’s awesome, and if it doesn’t (because nothing works 100% of the time) then you’re no worse off than you were before you tried!

Some people will spend $100, $200, or $500 at a casino, a horse track, or in a few weeks of lottery drawings, so why wouldn’t they be willing to spend $20, $50, or $75 on some powerful good luck amulets, oils, crystals, or charms?

By the way, there are many awesome practitioners of the magical arts who offer powerful good luck items, both here on WordPress, and on eBay, as well as many other websites on The Internet!

Some people buy those instant lottery tickets, also called scratch-off lottery tickets, and they simply reach into their pocket for an ordinary coin, with which to scratch them. Others are a bit more superstitious and they obtain some sort of a lucky coin or Good Luck Coin Amulet to use when scratching the tickets!

Again, if the good luck coin amulet helps, then that’s awesome! If not, perhaps it will in time. Remember, not everything happens when we want, how we want, and according to “our desires or demands.” Good things come to those who wait!

So, thanks for reading, liking, subscribing, and commenting… please also see my Seinfeld Fans Dialogue Game on the other blog!

Thanks & Many Blessings!


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