I Wonder What Would Happen If You Say Unfathomable… ˌənˈfaT͟Həməb(ə)l/ …While Performing Oral Sex!?

Isn’t that a great question?

If a woman had her man in her mouth, and tried saying unfathomable ˌənˈfaT͟Həməb(ə)l/ a few times, would that help?

Some men have heard somewhere in the past several decades, that if they trace the whole alphabet with their tongue on a lady’s clitoris, that it will make them a superstar at cunnilingus! What about the word unfathomable… ˌənˈfaT͟Həməb(ə)l/ …maybe that would also help! 

You never know until you try!

If anyone has any experiences based on my suggestion, then please get back to me, and you can even comment upon reading this to let me know what you think might happen!

If you are seeking a better sex life, are you aware that there are good luck charms and amulets that apply to Love & Sex? You can even find someone (I wonder who?) to perform a ritual or cast a spell that might make your love life or your sex life BETTER!

Food for Thought!


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