How To Get A Share Of Stock For Free!?

Yes, you read that correctly! Read on and I will teach you How To Get A Share Of Stock For Free! You should know that Amazon (Ticker Symbol: AMZN) is trading today, around $577 per share, and if you love Amazon, as I do, then you’re probably already buying many things that you need from that mega-site! You’re also saving loads of money.

Here’s a brilliant idea… whenever you get a really good deal on Amazon, figure out how much money that you’ve saved, and then take that amount, or a portion of that amount, and set it aside. Whenever Amazon goofs up, and your Amazon Prime package does not arrive in two days, and after you send a mildly complaining email to their very attentive Customer Service Reps, they will probably issue you a $5 or $10 promotional credit, which can be used towards your next purchase of something that is Sold By and Shipped By Amazon. Or maybe if you ever have any other sort of issue, mishap, or complaint, and they handle it the same way… by giving you a promotional credit or a partial refund, then also add those funds to your stock accumulation fund.

So, it’s as though they’re giving you some free money. Even though you will have to use those promotional credits to buy something, you can still take that same amount of money, and set it aside! Once you have at least a hundred bucks (or two, or three) accumulated, you can open an account with a discount stock brokerage firm of your choice.

There are many online, discount, stock brokers to choose from… Scottrade, E*trade, and Merrill Edge, are just three, as an example, and there are others. Deposit the money, and keep accumulating money in that account, until you have enough to purchase your one share of Amazon stock!

Beyond that, you might even choose to buy additional shares of Amazon, or you might want to buy other stocks. Not all stocks trade for $500 to $600 a share. Some trade for 50 to 60 cents, such as the Taseko Mines Ltd. (Ticker Symbol: TGB), which I have raved about, a lot lately! (Just scroll down and find the posts!) Then there are many other publicly-traded companies trading at prices everywhere in between.

Keep in mind that I am not a financial advisor, nor am I an investment professional, and that you should do your own homework, and make your own investment decisions! I am, however, a purveyor of Good Luck Charms and Amulets that really work, and if you need something to help increase your luck, or improve your finances, keeping in mind that magical, mystical things are offered for entertainment purposes, then you know where to go!

I often have people hire me to perform money spells, or they purchase good luck amulets, because they are seeking financial blessings, or perhaps they want to win money gambling, or in a lottery drawing! There are many talented, hot, sexy, practitioners of The Magical Arts, here on WordPress, as well as on eBay!

Food for Thought!

Good Luck & Many Blessings!


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