She Said She Was Skinny And Unattractive, Now She’s Getting Laid As Much As She Wants!

A customer told me that she was skinny and unattractive, and that she has not had any dates in a very long time. She was not concerned about a serious relationship, or marriage, as she’s too busy working on her higher education, and is busy with a career. She did indicate, however, a desire for some awesome sex. She wanted the kind of sex that makes your toes curl, makes your body have goosebumps from head to toe, and that makes you so wet that you leave an enormous wet spot on the bed!

So, she tried a couple of my specially blended love and sex attracting oil formulas… and NOW she has two different FWBs who are making her dreams come true! She said she’s getting laid as much as she wants, and she couldn’t be happier. One of the guys treats her like a “human lollipop” for hours, and she’s especially loving that scene!

Just thought I’d mention it…

Hope all is well in your world, and in your bedroom!

Many Blessings!


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