My Favorite New Penny Stock TGB Is Still Going Strong!

So, this morning it quickly dropped about five cents a share, probably because of profit taking, meaning that people who bought it where I did, or around 30 cents a share, were selling the stock to take their profits and run.

Now the price is coming back up, and it’s down a little more than a penny a share.

Who says YOU can’t open an account with an online, discount stock brokerage firm, plop a few hundred or a few thousand bucks in there, and buy a few hundred, or a few thousand shares of TGB, which is the ticker symbol for Taseko Mines Ltd.

If you will scroll down, I have written some other posts about this penny stock, for fun of course, since I am not a financial advisor or investment professional.

If someone blows that much money at the horse track, in a casino, or on the lottery, I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t risk it on something like the stock market. You will have to forgive me, but as a powerful and talented practitioner of the magical arts, I often have people buy good luck charms from me, that really work, or they hire me to perform money spells for them.

Good Luck & Many Blessings!


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