I Need Tips For Making Money In Network Marketing, Direct Sales, Or Multi-Level Marketing!

If you said something like: I Need Tips For Making Money In Network Marketing, Direct Sales, Or Multi-Level Marketing! …then you’re in a great place, because I can, and will, give you some powerful tips, and some sound advice!

There are so many great companies out there, these days, that offer common, ordinary people a chance to make more money than they ever dreamed possible, but they will have to do the work, in order to reap the financial rewards!

#1: Get Hooked Up With A Powerful Company!

These days, there are so many awesome companies out there, which offer income opportunities for people, no matter where they live, and no matter their previous experience, education, and so forth.

There are work-from-home opportunities with companies such as Avon, Fuller Brush, Mary Kay, Shaklee, Tupperware, Amway, Herbalife, Melaleuca, and Watkins, just to name a few!

Some of these companies have been around for a very long time, and some are newer, but if you get involved with a company with a strong track-record, and a powerful marketing and compensation plan, the sky is the limit!

#2: Make Sure It’s A Company With Products And/Or Services That You Can Believe In!

Naturally, a single man might not want to sell Mary Kay Cosmetics, although there are some men who sell them, and do very well with it.

A person with no interest in health and nutrition might not get enthusiastic about a company that sells vitamins and nutritional supplements, although, if a person is planning on losing weight, getting into better shape, and improving their health… maybe a company like that would be the perfect way to go.

Then, as they make progress with their health, and their appearance, and when people say “Wow, how did you do it?” They can blame it on the supplements, and possibly make a bunch more sales! If you need a really good company, with really good products, and don’t already have one, please allow me to recommend something awesome! Just visit: http://JoeFox.PruvitNow.com

#3: Recruit People AND Retail Products!

Some people get into multi-level or network marketing, and then they just recruit, recruit, recruit, but they do not sell any of the products or services. Big mistake!

You really need to have some retail customers. If nothing else, maybe the money you earn on those sales, can be put back into the business, and you can use it to order CDs, catalogs, samples, training materials, and so forth!

Naturally you will want to recruit new prospects and sponsor them into the business, because that’s where the big money is earned, but everyone also has to retail some products, which is not very hard once you get rolling, and the word spreads that you’re selling this or that.

#4: Treat It Like A Real Business!

Do not do anything half-heartedly. For example, you must make a commitment that you will spend at least a few hours each day, working on the business, and always do a few things that can help you move forward in the direction you would like to go.

If someone orders something from you, make sure you get it to them as quickly as possible. Always carry some brochures, some catalogs, and other materials with you, at all times. You never know when you might bump into someone, and you would like to tell them about your new enterprise. You might be walking your dog in the neighborhood, late at night, or you might be running to the grocery store very early in the morning, or you might be pumping gas, and see someone you vaguely know at the next pump.

These are all perfect opportunities to tell them about your new business, and how impressive it will be when you sense they want to know more, and you immediately hand them a flyer, catalog, or whatever else you have to give to them!

#5: Never Give Up, Never Quit!

My favorite story to illustrate this, and it’s a very short one, so please bear with me… The second oldest and probably the biggest MLM company ever, is Amway, and the most successful distributor that company has ever seen, is a man named Dexter Yeager. He got into the business sometime around 1960-ish if I am not mistaken. He built an organization so huge, that at one point, Amway had about three million distributors, and approximately two million were in HIS down line, or organization. It’s probably a lot more people by now.

Now, for the sad part of the story… the guy who sponsored him and his wife into the business… gave up and QUIT a month or so after that! So, that poor guy never made any money with the business! Ouch!

#6: Be Proud Of Your New Endeavor And Talk About It Everywhere You Go!

If you are really going to succeed, you need to spread the word, and talk about it to as many people as possible… not just family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers, but even to acquaintances, and even strangers!

You never know when some guy or gal you run into, could be YOUR Dexter Yeager-like recruit! You get people involved, and as they convince others to get involved, their organization grows larger, and so does yours!

#7: Stop Wasting Precious Time Watching Stupid Television!

It always amazes me, how many people waste hours and hours and hours of their precious time watching silly, stupid, meaningless television programs! Who cares about all these cooking shows? Who cares what ordinary people are dancing with which stars? (The stars are only ordinary people who are experiencing their fifteen minutes of fame.) Who cares about pawn shops across America? And for Pete’s Sake… who gives a F**k about those 3 sisters with no talent, and no brains?

Make better use of your time so that you can effectively build your business, and then one day, YOU can be lounging on a beach in the French Riviera, or in the Caribbean!

#8: Make A List Of Your Goals!

Then post it in the bathroom, on the mirror, so you will see it often. You can also cut-out some photos from magazines, of things you would like to buy some day, or places you would like to visit, and also tape those to the bathroom mirror. They will serve as constant reminders to you, to get motivated and work the business. 

#9: Write A Page Of Daily Affirmations And Read Them Out Loud, Every Single Day!

You can write things such as;

I will succeed at this business!

I will do whatever it takes to become successful!

I will not let the negativity of other people discourage me!

Write as many affirmations as you can think of, and read the paper several times every day! This will help you more than you can imagine!

#10: Listen To Motivational Speakers, On Tape, On CDs, Or On YouTube!

There are so many great inspirational and motivational speakers out there, and if you will get into the habit of listening to them on a daily basis, you will really make more progress with your business, whatever it may be!

Well, I suppose I will stop here, but based on the success of this post, I may write more about this subject in the near future!

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Thanks and Many Blessings!


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