Love, Sex, Affection, Oral Sex, Romance, Valentine’s Day… This Girl Was Busy!

Hello Darlings!

When it comes to magical spells for Love or Sex, or mystical oils, or good luck charms, February tends to be a very busy month, what with Valentine’s Day, coupled with the fact that there’s loads of cold, wintery weather, and people are confined to their homes much more than in a warmer time of the year. I was too busy working to update this blog, but now that I have room to breathe, here I am to continue my amusing, entertaining, sexy, philosophical, and otherwise random commentary about sexy panties, money, the stock market, good luck charms that really work, magical love potions to attract oral sex, or tantric sex, and the list goes on!


Pssst… (I am whispering now) Look over to the left, there are some cool products cycling through that window of photos. Those are some of my amazing creations, because I am amazing, and I create amazing magical items! (That’s the end of the shameless plug!)


I am never shameful, even if I am not wearing panties, and a brisk gust of wind blows up my white cotton sundress, and exposes my bare butt and other goodies to an innocent passerby or two! Nonetheless, those tidbits of calling attention to an eBay Store, MY eBay Store, are harmless, don’t you think?


Are YOU someone who is seeking someone with whom you can have amazing oral sex, or perhaps ordinary sex, or maybe even a love relationship? Maybe you’re in a marriage or partnership that needs a little added excitement! You can be female or male, young or old, straight, bi, or gay, and it makes no difference… Good Luck Charms Oils, Crystals, and Spells can possibly help you! I have helped many people to get laid, find a lover, get engaged, or meet their soul mate, as well as the ones who found a new job, won some money, had an investment succeed, or made some other financial successes in their life! Maybe you will be next on my list of happy, satisfied, customer-friends!

Of course, nothing works 100% of the time, for 100% of the people, and the laws of today make us say that these types of products and services are offered for “entertainment purposes.” No one seems to mind, though, because we all know that a good luck charm may help us, and if it does, then that’s great, but if it does not, we’re not going to lose sleep over it!

Speaking of Valentine’s Day… how’s your love life?

Maybe we can make it better!

Many Blessings!


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