How To Have Extreme Good Luck With Your Multi-Level Marketing Or Network Marketing Company!

Let’s face it… more people today, than ever before, have the entrepreneurial spirit! More people today, than ever before, are dissatisfied with their job, which is said to stand for Just Over Broke! More people today, than ever before, are looking for ways to make a lot more money!

That’s why work from home opportunities such as the ones offered by multi-level or network marketing companies are more popular than ever before! Can YOU really make money with these various opportunities? Of course you can, if you really want to, and if you’re willing to put forth the effort!

Here are some useful tips…

#1: First and foremost, you must be engaged in a big, powerful, legitimate enterprise, which offers worthwhile products and/or services. There are companies such as Amway, Shaklee, Herbalife, Mary Kay, Avon, Tupperware, Fuller Brush, and the list goes on, and while some of these may simply be “direct sales organizations,” and not necessarily “multi-level,” they all share the same opportunity for people to earn unlimited income, if they really assert themselves and work at these businesses!

#2: You must treat your enterprise, as if it were a real business or a real job, because you can make just as much money with one of these companies, as you can if you bought and operated a fast food franchise. The only difference is that a fast food franchise will cost between a quarter of a million, and a million dollars, or even more, while the fee to join some of these other companies can range from ten dollars to a couple of hundred dollars! You often get some sort of a kit to help you get started, and while the kit may not contain all that much, it does give you the building blocks that you need!

Example: It is my understanding that to become an Avon dealer, it can be as little as ten bucks, and the sales kit has just a few catalogs, and some other reading materials to teach you about the business plan. Here’s what an astute and enterprising gal, or guy, will do with that kit… they would loan out those handful of catalogs to a handful of people, telling each one that they really want to make a go of this business, and they hope that the person will seriously try to find a few items that they need and want. They should also mention to the catalog recipient that they need the catalog back in, say, 24 hours, so that they can loan it out to someone else.

If a person really hustles, they can probably sell $500 worth of Avon products in one week, and then here’s the key… when they place their first order with the company, they need to take all of their commissions, and put them back into their business, and perhaps order 50 or 100 more catalogs, and maybe some samples, to be given only to serious prospects, or maybe to people who have placed orders.

Another wise move is to take advantage of the fact that the company puts items “on sale,” and when they do, the cost to the dealer is lower. So, it seems to me, you could buy a few of these and a few of those, while they’re at the lower price. Let’s say they have a tube of hand cream that retails for $5.99 and it costs the representative $3.60, but while it’s on sale for $3.99 it only costs the dealer $2.40… the dealer could buy a half dozen of these at the lower price.

Next, she or he, could make an offer to someone such as this… Let’s say a customer is handing the dealer a list of three items they want, and the total of the order is $40, the dealer could say “You know what? If you will increase this order another ten bucks, to fifty dollars, I can also give you a Free tube of this awesome hand cream, which normally sells for six dollars!” This is likely to cause the customer to add on one more item to their purchase, and increase their order to that fifty dollar level. There is nothing wrong with using good salesmanship, and it is essential, if a person wants to be successful, no matter what enterprise they’re engaged in!

#3: You must spend at least a few hours, every single day, building the business. Whether you’re loaning out catalogs, contacting people by phone or mail, or even if you’re using social media to drive people to a portal of your own, which leads to the company’s website… you must be productive every day!

You cannot use excuses that you’re a single parent, and don’t have the time, or that you have a job, and there are not enough hours in the day to work the business… you have to make time! Try turning off the silly, useless television, which robs most people of their precious hours, and consequently a large portion of their life! I personally choose not to have television in my life, since it’s such an enormous waste of time! This is how I am able to update my blog here on WordPress daily, maintain my successful eBay selling, as well as my other enterprises! You can do the same, if you would cease to waste time with nonsense such as television and video games!

#4: Never give up… there are some people who will throw the sales kit into the closet after a few days, or even a few hours, and cease to work on the enterprise. Then guess what happens next? Absolutely nothing! The business dies, and they make no money, and then at some later date they will be telling a friend, “Oh, I tried that business and it didn’t work!” Untrue! They didn’t work the business and that is the only reason for their failure!

It’s not surprising that a huge percentage of people will quit something after just a few weeks, days, or even hours… most people, it seems, are not good stewards with their time or their money, most people cannot stick to a diet or exercise program, and most people say they cannot sell, they cannot remember people’s names, and they cannot spell or do math! These are all cop-outs! These people are just saying these things to justify their own laziness. If they were to apply themselves, they would find that they can do anything!

#5: A good luck charm or amulet can also be a helpful tool when building a business. After all, we all need good luck with various things in this life, and why not have a good luck charm, or two, or three, to help you with the success of building a work-from-home business? More information about effective good luck amulets can be found to the left of your screen! (Hmmm, see what I did there? Pretty clever, huh?)

If a good luck charm can help someone get a job, meet a lover or soul mate, or win some money gambling, it can also help someone have business success, personal success, or both! You can pick an amulet that appeals to you, or in some cases, a good luck amulet or crystal might call to you. After all, they can sometimes be very magical, even if they’re always described as being for entertainment purposes.

#6: Be proud and tell everybody! If you decide to sell products, or get involved in an enterprise where you sell products and recruit people to join the company, then your success is based solely on your own efforts, at least in the beginning, and you need to gain customers and recruits, and you will never do this by keeping your business enterprise a secret! You must tell other people!

Start by telling friends, relatives, and neighbors, but eventually, beyond that small circle of influence, you need to tell strangers! You can be pumping gas, and strike up a conversation with the person at the next pump… for example; “How are you doing today? Say, what kind of work do you do? No kidding? Hey, does that job pay well? Do you make enough to do whatever you want whenever you want? Well, the only reason I ask, is because I am in the business of putting other people in business for themselves, so they can make as much money as they want, and start living the kind of life that they want!”

You might be sitting with a friend at a restaurant, and the waitress comes over, and you might say; “Hi Sheila, is it fun to work here? (after a few minutes of small talk about her) Do you make enough money? Well, because I am in the business of helping other people start making a lot more money, so they can start living the type of life that they would like!”

You get the idea. These conversations are a way to get a chance to tell the stranger about your enterprise, and this is how you can meet new prospects, and invite them to an opportunity meeting, where the business will be explained to them!

If the person says they have no interest in your opportunity, you might let them know that you are always on the lookout for more customers, and ask if they would like a catalog, but I would add something such as “Although, these catalogs cost me money, and I don’t have a lot of them, right now, so I would like to give you one, only if, you think you might really want some of these products!” Never haphazardly hand out catalogs and samples to people who might never bother giving you an order. Try to pre-qualify your prospects, at least a little bit. Buying a thousand catalogs, and dropping them on a thousand doorsteps, is a good way to drop five hundred to a thousand bucks, and you might get such a small return that it won’t be worthwhile!

Well, there are some great tips and ideas for working and building your own self-employment opportunity! Please like my blog, subscribe to it, leave a comment, and tell a friend!

Thanks & Many Blessings!


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