How Can A Girl With Really Small Boobies Have Good Luck Meeting A Prospective Partner?

Well, I have two powerful suggestions about this topic, and I like to think that I am an expert in both areas! Although most people consider me very beautiful, and very sexy, amongst other things, such as; very confident, very intelligent, and very charming… I am also very flat chested. I pretty much have two nipples, and that’s it. No cup size whatsoever.

Luckily, I am of the belief that “Who you are, and what you’re about, is not defined by the size of your boobies, or any other physical attribute!” Since I don’t need to wear a bra, nor do I own one, I always go braless, and I always notice men (and some women) staring at my often erect nipples. Even when they’re not poking through my blouse, shirt, or the top of my sundress, like two pencil erasers, I often catch men (and some women) staring at my chest. If I wear something loose fitting, and bend over, perhaps in a grocery store, I see men (and some women) trying to glance down my blouse, to see my beautiful, sexy nipples!

So, idea #1 for a girl (or a lady) with really small boobies, or nonexistent ones like mine, to increase their good luck with meeting a possible partner… is to Go Braless! If you’ve never done it before, or if you’ve been taught by a prudish relative that it’s wrong, nasty, tacky, dirty, or unacceptable, you should still try it, because it’s fun, flirty, exciting, and the unencumbered feeling is wonderful. Besides, they’re just nipples, and everyone has them. It’s not our problem if most men, and some women, are obsessed with staring at boobies, and always trying to get a peek at them. (You should see me in the frozen food section of the grocery store!)

Anyway, your new braless look will get you lots of looks from others, and this could significantly help increase your chances of attracting someone!

Idea #2 for a girl (or a lady, or anyone for that matter) who wants to meet someone special, is to obtain a Good Luck Charm, amulet, crystal, talisman, or something else of a spiritual, magical, metaphysical nature! There’s no reason not to try something that might bring you good luck. Even if the prudish relative who preached against bralessness, is someone religious, who believes that something of a Good Luck Charm is “evil,” or “goes against the beliefs of the church,” you can quietly get one, and carry it without telling them or getting them upset!

So, there are two good ideas for increasing your chances of meeting or attracting a partner, whether or not you’re a gal with very tiny boobies!

Good Luck & Many Blessings! 


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