Use Daily Affirmations To Help Attract Good Luck!

This is often the first step to attracting Good Luck and Good Fortune into YOUR life…By using positive Daily Affirmations! You have to write down some positive thoughts, and then read them daily, recite them out loud, several times each day, and most importantly… “believe” that they will happen.

Here are some great examples:

•“I will find the love of my life very soon!”

•“I will meet my soul mate any day now!”

(Yes, I use exclamation points a lot, and if someone doesn’t like it…”C’est la vie“, and pardon my French!)

•“I am going to succeed at this new job!”

•“I will make a lot more money this year!”

•“My new business is going to work out well!”

•“I will be successful with this project!”

•“I am a great person and people like me!”

•“I will do well with this school and these studies!”

•“I will succeed at losing this weight!”

•“I will be able to kick this habit once and for all!”

•“I can do anything that I make up my mind to do!”

There is no wrong way to use daily affirmations, and whatever works best for YOU is what you should use! Compile a list of positive and optimistic thoughts that you speak and think, until they become a part of who you are. Make them a part of your daily life.

A great manuscript to help you along the way; Jennifer’s Tidbits Of Good Advice! You can Google that, and find it online!

Good Luck & Many Blessings!


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