Sometimes You Have To Make Your Own Opportunities And Make Your Own Good Luck!

I have always believed that inside every adult woman, at times, there is an 8 year old girl, and inside every adult man, at times, there is an 8 year old boy. Sometimes that “inner eight-year- old” is a cry-baby, whiner who does not want to do this or that. Some people take it a step further, and all they do is sit around and blame the world for their problems. You have to take control of your life, and make things happen. You cannot just sit and wait for someone to come knock on your door, and hand you a big pile of cash, offer you a job, or introduce you to a suitable lover or sex partner!

If you need a better job, or a job period, you have to get out there and apply for jobs, interview for jobs, and actively search for jobs. Then and only then will you be able to receive a blessing from the spiritual world. If you sit home and wish for a job, you might never get one!

It’s the same thing if you are seeking a soul mate, sex partner, lover, or potential spouse… you have to bathe daily, wear nice clothes, and get out there to interact with other people. Always remember that “you never have a second chance to make a first impression.” I am not saying you have to wear fancy, expensive dress clothes, but some people in this world today, actually go out looking like they’ve just rolled out of bed, and their clothing looks like rags, and that’s no way to attract another person. Looks don’t really mean anything, but it is a good idea to be clean and dressed in a presentable fashion.

When you want to have business success, you have to work at it, and you often have to work hard, or at least effectively. You cannot simply join a network marketing company, for example, then sit around and expect to make money. You have to work at it. Just as people who take a sales job, where they might have unlimited earning potential… they cannot just sit home, they have to get out and sell, sell, sell.

Good Luck Charms, magical spells, mystical oils, might help someone to have better luck with searching for a job, looking for a lover, or seeking business success, but you also have to do the work, and put in the effort that is also necessary to obtain those things.

They have always told us;

“There are three types of people…

those who make things happen,

those who watch things happen,

and those who don’t know what’s happening!”

You should strive to be the first type of person, if you want to make improvements in your life! The good luck amulets and other magical items can help you, but you cannot rely on them alone… you also have to do your part!

Get out there and make some opportunities for yourself, and you just might be amazed at what you can accomplish! Now, if you like my positive thoughts and motivational words of wisdom, then please subscribe to my blog, like it, leave a comment, and tell a friend!

Thanks & Many Blessings!


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