How To Have Good Luck When Looking For A Job?

If you want to know How To Have Good Luck When Looking For A Job, then you landed in a great spot! There are a few things that you can do when you need to find a job, or a better job!

#1: Be proactive… be out there applying for jobs, interviewing for jobs, and spreading the word that you’re actively seeking a job. Don’t leave any stone unturned… there are classified ads in newspapers, and online, there are job postings on bulletin boards, and people you know who work at certain jobs, have access to knowledge regarding job openings at their employers. Let your friends, relatives, and neighbors know, that you’re actively seeking work, and maybe someone you know, will have heard about an opening that’s perfect for you!

#2: Don’t just apply, and/or interview… follow-up with a phone call and inquire how things are looking. Thank them for interviewing you, and let them know that you “really want the job.” Employers love to see applicants who are enthusiastic and passionate about their job search.

#3: Dress for success… never go to a job interview, or even just to apply, if you’re dressed sloppy, you’re on the way to the beach, or about to go help your cousin paint their house. Try to bathe, groom yourself nicely, and put on some nice clothes, preferably clean and unwrinkled. It’s sad, but we live in a very shallow society, and people often judge others by their appearances. Even if it is a job where a man won’t have to wear a dress shirt and necktie, it cannot hurt to put on a dress shirt and necktie when going for the interview.

#4: Be enthusiastic and personable during the interview… don’t just look down and give one word answers. Make eye contact with the interviewer and try to sound excited about the opportunity. These days, there are a lot more prospects, than there are jobs, and employers don’t have to hire someone who seems to barely have a heartbeat. Let your personality shine, and if you don’t have one, then try to get some help, and develop one. There are way too many college kids today, who have the personality of a dead flashlight battery, and they’re simply wasting their parents money, because even when they graduate, they won’t get far in life without communication ability and personality.

#5: Try using a Good Luck Charm or Amulet… if you’re looking for a good, new job, or a better job, or a promotion, it cannot help to increase your chances of finding one, by using a good luck charm, amulet, or talisman. Maybe a lucky, magical crystal in your pocket or purse can help you have better luck, and it might make a difference. Maybe just the fact that you have a good luck charm or crystal with you, will give you more confidence when dealing with the prospective employer. Either way, it certainly cannot hurt.

#6: Make sure your résumé is up to date! These days, thanks to computers and printers, there’s no reason to have an outdated or sloppy résumé. You can easily create a good one, a new one, or a better one, if you just put forth a little effort. Remember to keep it brief… one side of one page is sufficient. These days, almost everyone seems to have a short attention span, and practically no one wants to read something that is so lengthy that you need 20 minutes to read it.

#7: Think positive, speak positive, and use The Law Of Attraction! Never go around speaking negatively about your job search, “Oh, I cannot find a job, no one will hire me, there are no jobs out there, et cetera!” Speak positively, think positive thoughts, and expect that a great opportunity will soon come your way!

Good Luck & Many Blessings!


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