Use The Law Of Attraction To Help You Attract Good Luck!

When you want to attract Good Luck into your life, in addition to using a good luck amulet, talisman, or crystal, you should also use The Law Of Attraction to help you attract Good Luck! You can read more about The Law Of Attraction in the best selling book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, and you can watch videos about it online.

There are many people, my self included, who always expect good things to happen to them, and consequently they do. On the other side of the coin, there are some people who are always negative, and they expect lousy things or bad things to happen to them, and then they do.

Haven’t you ever been in the car with someone, who pulled into a big parking lot, and they drive straight towards the entrance of the store, mall, stadium, or building, while proudly proclaiming “I always find a good spot!” and then they do find one? This is The Law Of Attraction at work in their life!

On the flip side, haven’t you had a friend or relative complain, “I never get a good parking spot,” and then they don’t? This is their negativity getting in the way of them succeeding. You must stay positive, patient, and optimistic about things!

When you buy a good luck charm, or a lottery book, and you say to yourself, “I just know that these magical items will help me win some money.” You are sending those positive thoughts out into the Universe, this way, God, or the Angels, or the Universe, or the Tao, or Mother Earth, or the Powers that Be, can help you succeed and accomplish what you want!

When you are choosing a good luck charm, a mystical crystal, a lottery book, a magical oil, or anything else of a spiritual/ magical nature, you have to be optimistic, and choose something that calls to you! Do not think to yourself, “Why am I even bothering to order this, it probably won’t work.” … because then you are letting your negative thoughts interfere with the possibilities of the magical item helping you! You must think positive, speak positive, stay patient and expect good things to happen! Just ask Rhonda Byrne!

Good Luck & Many Blessings!


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