Who Wants Good Luck?

Do YOU want good luck? Most people do, and everywhere you go, there are people who want to win money, find a better job, attract a lover or sex partner, increase their confidence and self-esteem, ward-off evil or negativity, improve their business success or personal success, and the list goes on. Some folks want to quit smoking, lose weight, kick the pills or drinking, or improve their health. No matter the desire of your heart, you will usually feel that you need some answered prayers, and some good luck, to get where you want to be.

Some people enjoy having a religious amulet or statue, and they feel a certain sense of comfort by it, and some might wear something to help them. Others might want a metaphysical type of crystal, amulet, or talisman, to attract the good luck that they seek. It might be something that came from Mother Earth, with a powerful vibration of positive energy, and/or it might even have been blessed and ritually charged by someone possessing powers and talents of a spiritual nature.

There are those who feel that spreading Good Karma, they will increase their chances of Good Luck, and that often tends to help. Being kind to strangers, and being helpful to other human beings, is always a great idea. All major religions preach that we should love one another, help one another, forgive one another, be kind to one another, and that we should not judge people, harm people, hurt people, or kill people. We should also love and respect ourselves, animals, and the environment. Mother Earth could sure stand to use some respect from the human race.

The Law of Attraction is also another phenomenon that people can use to attract Good Luck. You can read an awesome 100 year old manuscript; The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel, and you can see the modern day best seller The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

When you want to have good luck, whether with love, sex, and romance, or with any sort of money matters, these are the two leading areas where most people are seeking good luck, and these days, there are tons of different good luck charms, amulets, and talismans to help you, whether it’s a piece of jewelry that you wear, a crystal you carry in your pocket or purse, or perhaps a magical item you can hang on the wall, bedpost, or rear view mirror of the car.

You might carry a lucky magical coin in your pocket, or perhaps a tiny Mojo Bag, to help bring you good luck. Then there are magical oils to help you attract love, romance, money, gambling winnings, et cetera. These might sometimes be work as a cologne or perfume, or in some cases, you can simply open the bottle and let the essence work its way into the room!

If you will scroll through and see some of my other posts here on WordPress, you will find other fascinating information about Good Luck Charms, and various ways to attract Good Luck into your life. Of course these topics and items are always described as being for entertainment and informational purposes, but that’s okay, because we’re all adults, and we all know that if something works for us, then that’s awesome, and if not, we’re no worse off than we were!

Keep you chin up, stay positive and patient, and keep hoping for the best! Good Luck & Many Blessings!


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