Maria Orsitsch Powerful Money Crystals

Maria Orsitsch Powerful Money Crystals

When you want to win money at Bingo, playing Mah Jongg, or in a casino, maybe even with a Lottery, you would be well advised to use a Good Luck Charm or Amulet, just in case it is able to help increase your chances of winning! After all, most people are at least a little superstitious, and who doesn’t want to have better luck?

Maria Orsitsch was an amazing woman; a psychic, a medium, perhaps a practitioner of The Magical Arts, and even the leader of The Vril Society, which you can read more about online. So amazing were her talents and powers, that a nefarious ruler once persuaded and hired her to help with his plans.

In the Spirit of Maria Orsitsch, some good luck items have been created, including something called Maria Orsitsch Powerful Money Crystals, which is a small vial containing several tiny clear quartz crystal chips which have been blessed and ritually charged to help someone win money through various games of chance, slot machines, other casino or card games, and other forms of gambling!

This small vial has a cork sealing it, and can be worn or hung on the black cord, or you can put it on your own necklace chain. You also get a laminated likeness of Maria herself, which also has a tiny corresponding magical crystal chip attached. This can be carried in your pocket, wallet, or purse. Some people have been known to receive enormous Good Luck, particularly while gambling, with this powerful, magical duo.

It seems that, these days, most people would love to win some money, and people try all sorts of various methods to help increase their chances of winning! Nothing wrong with that. Most good luck items are always described as being for entertainment purposes, and that’s fine with most people, after all, casinos are entertainment too.

Good Luck and Many Blessings!


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