She Wanted A Nice Man With A Strong Libido!

A customer-friend told me this in an email, when requesting a spell for love and sex…


“Hello beautiful lady, I want you and the girls to please perform a spell for me to help me find a nice man. I am single, and want to meet someone nice. I am not concerned about him being good looking, or having a lot of money, but I want to meet someone nice.

I would like for him to have a steady job, and not be an adult male who lives with his mom, only works part-time, and spends his time reading comic books and playing video games. There are too many men like that!

I also don’t want someone who drinks, smokes, or uses drugs, or who has a police record, or who tends to be angry or violent.

I just want a nice, common, ordinary man, with ordinary job and looks, but someone nice, who will love me, who has a strong libido, and who will enjoy pleasuring me and without rushing or being selfish. I don’t think this is too much to ask.

Thanks in advance for your magical help! Blessings to you!”


Anyway, we were able to help her, and you can found out how in the posting just prior to this one! Thanks for reading, liking, following, and commenting on my new blog!

Many Blessings!


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