Wish I Could Find A Low Priced Stock To Buy, Then Watch It Go Up!

Have you said something like this? Well, if you have, I might have a few tidbits of advice (for entertainment and informational purposes) however, I am not in the financial services industry, so take this with a grain of proverbial salt, please.

Many millions of Americans don’t know anything about saving, investing, and more accurately… investing in stocks. There are many resources in the library, and online, where you can learn about investing, and you should always do your homework before investing your hard earned cash into anything!

When you hear stories of an uncle or a neighbor who “lost tons of money, in the market,” he may have been a gambler, who used the stock market, like a visit to the horse track, and he bought and sold shares of stocks frequently, perhaps as a “day trader.”

Then there are those who buy some shares of a company, and sit on them for quite some time, and they watch the shares increase in value, over time, thus their investment grows.

If you have never invested money in stocks before, you might want to think about doing a bit of reading, teach yourself a bit about it, then get started, perhaps with something on a small scale.

You can actually open an account online, with discount brokerage firms such as Scottrade, TD Ameritrade, Merrill Edge, or E*trade, just to name a few. You can put as little as a few hundred dollars into the account, and then you can buy your first shares of stock. Naturally, you probably cannot afford to buy a stock that trades for a hundred dollars a share, or more, but you can afford to buy some lower priced shares, and here are a few to consider. (Disclaimer: I have a few shares of some of these, but am NOT an investment professional, and YOU should do your own research before investing!)


Taseko Mines Ltd … Ticker Symbol: TGB

Taseko Mines Ltd. is a Canada-based mining company. The Company is engaged in acquiring, developing, and operating large tonnage mineral deposits. Its asset is the 75% owned Gibraltar Mine, a copper/molybdenum mine located in central British Columbia. It owns the Florence copper project and also owns the New Prosperity gold-copper, Aley niobium and Harmony gold projects. The Company owns a 100% interest in the Florence Copper project though the acquisition of Curis Resources Ltd. The Company owns a 100% interest in the Aley Niobium Project. The Prosperity deposit is a gold-copper porphyry with a one billion tons measured and indicated resource containing approximately 5.3 billion pounds of copper and 13.3 million ounces of gold. Harmony is a gold project located on Graham Island off British Columbia’s west coast with deposits of approximately 64 million tons of 1.35 ounces per ton gold. The Harmony site covers approximately 177 square kilometers and consists of 58 mineral claims.

Currently the stock is trading around 30 cents a share, so YOU can afford to obtain 1,000 shares for about $300, plus commissions, which at the above listed discount brokerage firms, is about $7 per trade.


Paypal Holdings Inc. … Ticker Symbol: PYPL

Founded in 1998, PayPal is a global payment platform with more than 173 million active customers that transact in more than 200 countries and in 100 currencies. PayPal enables consumers to transact with merchants without sharing their financial data. PayPal customers can fund transactions by debit and credit cards, bank accounts, PayPal Credit or PayPal balances. PayPal also operates PayPal Credit (formerly Bill Me Later), Braintree, Venmo, and Paydiant. PayPal is in the process of acquiring Xoom.com.

Currently the stock is trading around 32 dollars a share, so YOU can afford to obtain 100 shares for about $3,200, plus the stock broker commissions. You can also buy 50, 25, or even 10 shares to get started saving and investing. You could always buy more at a later date, but keep in mind that you will always pay a “commission,” whether you buy one share, a hundred, or a thousand!


The Walt Disney Company … Ticker Symbol: DIS

Disney is one of the largest US diversified media companies and is the global leader in producing branded family entertainment. Key assets include its theme parks (5 locations globally), the ABC TV Network, ESPN and other Cable Networks, Film Studios (i.e. Disney, Buena Vista, Pixar), Consumer Products and Interactive Media.

If you will go to the website of CNBC, the leader in the financial news, you can see loads of stories, and video clips, about how much analysts LOVE Disney as a long term investment! Currently, it is trading at about $98 a share, so for just under a thousand bucks, you could buy ten shares to get started investing in this awesome and powerful company!


In closing, if you are tired of having your money in the bank, for much less than 1% annual interest, you should start reading and learning about investing in stocks! If you already know a bit about it, maybe you will want to look at these three companies, even just for giggles!

Happy 2016 & Many Blessings!


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