How To Have Good Luck?

Since there are seemingly so many people, these days, who want to have good luck with things like lotteries, gambling, playing cards, and so forth, it seemed fitting to start writing a blog about it, since I come from many generations of people who have helped others to have good luck, or better luck, with this, that, or the other!

Many people have a misunderstanding about practitioners of The Magical Arts, but we believe that we have various God-given talents, just as those people who can sing really beautifully, or who have artistic talents. There are those who have an acumen for business, or who excel at sports, and those talents are also God-given. Others have a propensity for dancing, acting, or playing various musical instruments.

Well, our ability to bless and consecrate something, such as a coin, crystal, or necklace, and turn it into a Good Luck Amulet, lucky charm, or whatever you want to call it, is just one of many talents or abilities bestowed on people, by our Maker, Creator, and God! I say this, because some “church people” are taught that everything outside of the doctrine of their particular religious doctrine, is evil or of the devil. How silly these people sound when they foolishly speak, and when they say such nonsense.

Just because I can take a piece of clear quartz crystal, which already possesses amazing vibrations, and then energize and bless it, to make it an extremely lucky charm, for say, perhaps… a gambler, does not mean that I am a friend of any demon, and I certainly don’t worship or pray to such nefarious figures, living or dead.

No, we’re just normal, everyday people, who might choose not to subscribe to organized religions that collect money, own real estate, and teach people to hate other people! We respect other people, we respect Mother Earth and treat her gently, and we certainly enjoy helping other human beings, as well as animals, and prefer not to cause harm to anyone or anything!

So, after this brief, yet sincere introduction, if fate, or destiny, or karma, has caused YOU to read it, I hope you will please choose to subscribe, and continue to read and learn about How To Have Good Luck!

Many Blessings!



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